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About Us

Lanka Electricity Company Private Limited is a company incorporated in 1983 for the electricity distribution in Sri Lanka. The formation of the company is by acquiring assets of local authorities to create a modern and efficient distribution network.

What We Do

Electricity makes our day to day lives Comfortable and easier, but can be a deadly hazard if mishandled. We are committed to providing you with awareness of importance of safety when using it.

How To Save Your Electricity Bill

Electrical power is a little bit like the air you breathe: You don't really think about it until it is missing. Power is just "there," meeting your every need, constantly.

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News and Press Release

Invitation for Expression of Interest from Banks
rooftop solar

For facilitating loan scheme for roof top solar installations The Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy has launched roof top solar power promotion scheme with the aim to promote Solar Power admission to the national grid named ‘Soorya Bala Sangramaya’.  Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited (LECO) wishes to launch a low interest loan scheme to […]


Mr. Lal Gunasekara assumed duties as the Chairman of LECO, on the 23rd November 2015. He is a Senior Lecturer attached to Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. Mr. Gunasekara has obtained his B.Sc. degree in Business Studies from the University of Sabaragamuwa and a M.Sc. in Decision Science from the University Utara Malaysia, 2010. At […]


The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka has approved the time of use tariff on trial basis for Domestic consumers who are connected with 3 phase 30A or above with immediate effect. Domestic consumers in the above capacities can request for this optional tariff. ( Implemented only upon a request) Domestic TOU Tariff –  PDF […]

Audited Financial Statements for 2014

Chairman LECO Mr. Bandula Chandrasekara and Chief Financial Officer Mr. Sunil Perera handing over the Audited Financial Statements for 2014 to Hon. Minister of Power and Energy.