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Routine Maintenance

In order to keep an efficient system with minimum faults, LECO carries out routine maintenance of all transformers, high voltage (11 kV) & low voltage (230V) lines and all the other equipment of the distribution system.
Energy loss reduction
LECO always gives a major attention to reduction of energy losses in the distribution system. We are totally aware that reduction of energy losses in the distribution system will help to save significant financial savings on power generation of the country. It also helps to minimize emissions due to power generation which is good for the environment. LECO has the benchmark of maintaining the energy loss less than 5%.
Attending to a distribution system breakdown
LECO target is to attend all service calls within a time of 30 minutes. We have a dedicated team in the customer service centers to attend to such breakdowns on a 24/7 basis. And this process is well monitored to minimize the electricity outage duration.
Attending to customer related problems
LECO staff is always dedicated to support for all types of customer issues (technical, legal, administrative, etc.) related to the electricity distribution system. Customers have the provision to access LECO management or relevant staff through telephone, fax, e-mails, letters or walk through visits.
Providing a reliable and safe supply of electricity
LECO is always trying to supply a reliable and safe supply of electricity to their customers all the time. We are carrying out a system development process that works effectively in order to maintain the reliability. Further, LECO is always taking the performance statistics to take detective and preventive actions against system faults.